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The best component suite for React, Vue, Angular and everything else.

Code your web application just once.
Get cutting edge UI for

  • Desktops
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones

Finally. A Mobile Enterprise Application Strategy that actually makes sense.

The most advanced, most complete HTML5 technology for Enterprise Business Applications.

UI is not just widgets See what a complete UI solution looks like, and stop reinventing the wheel.

Smart Solutions

Complete suite of powerful enterprise-grade components for a consistent and productive user experience

What's your platform?

Whatever platform you use, there is no need to develop and maintain your own components.

SmartClient provides the most comprehensive suite of components available. Period.

Data Binding

Nothing compares to SmartClient's Data binding architecture.

  • Central Data Definition
  • Pluggable Data Model
  • Cache Management
  • Auto Cache Synchronization
  • Adaptive Filter & Sort
  • Nested search criteria
  • Multi-level sorts
  • Batch requests
  • Binding to in-browser data

Deep Server Integration

SmartClient comes with a server for every major platform and an extremely powerful
Java-based server with commercial support.


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