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The Mobile Enterprise Application Development Strategy that actually makes sense.

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SmartClient is the best, most complete platform for building high-productivity enterprise applications that work on any device

The SmartClient Solution

  • Built in mobile adaption that allows you to code once for all devices
  • Intelligent Data Management for unprecedented scalability and responsiveness
  • The broadest, deepest set of device-aware Enterprise grade UI components

Debunking the Myths

Analysts, mobile platform providers and other "experts" promote a mobile enterprise application platform strategy that was developed for consumer offerings (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) They fail to realize that enterprise users are different:

  • Search, analyze & update frequently changing records
  • Most users primarily on a desktop browser
  • Numerous applications provided by employers
  • Read highly cache-able data; occasionally update
  • Most users primarily on mobile devices
  • Single, flagship application (e.g. Facebook)

STOP. Don't Make these Common Mistakes

  • Using a mobile-specialized technology to build an enterprise app that is also accessed from desktops
    Creating enterprise applications with "mobile first" technology leads to crippled productivity for the majority of your users. The current crop of mobile-focused UI technologies are appropriate for creating phone-sized interfaces, but don't scale up to a desktop environment. The SmartClient platform takes the approach of offering a full-featured, high productivity desktop interface, and smoothly and automatically scaling down to mobile devices.
  • Purchasing mobile-specific middleware (aka MEAPS)
    You need to choose an architecture that allows shared data services across desktop browser UIs, mobile browser UIs, third-party automated systems, as well as native desktop applications and native mobile applications in the few scenarios where they are still needed. But this should already be part of your architecture, as it has been part of the SmartClient architecture for more than a decade. Mobile-specific middleware is mostly hype used to re- brand existing middleware offerings - be very skeptical.
  • Using a mobile-specialized technology to build a parallel mobile interface, in addition to a desktop interface
    When parallel interfaces are built, costs are multiplied. It is not just the initial development effort: All interfaces also have to be tested and upgraded. Bugs have to be identified & addressed in multiple technologies, making troubleshooting more complex, and there are more vendors to pass the buck. Enhancements have to be replicated and multiple upgrades performed. You will also need extra staff with broader skillsets to span the technologies.

The REAL Enterprise Mobile Requirements

  • Productivity
    Users need to perform data intensive, repetitive tasks quickly and painlessly.
  • Mobile Interface Support
    The technology used for building desktop interfaces must support a usable mobile interface without special efforts.
  • Open Infrastructure
    An architecture that allows shared data services across desktop & mobile browser UIs, and native desktop & native mobile applications.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    Be able to easily debug, enhance, and maintain applications across all supported devices and platforms.

See how SmartClient fulfills these requirements and simplifies cross-platform development: