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Help your team build applications
faster with Reify while you avoid
boring, repetitive work.

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Are you tired of being overloaded with tedious work and overstressed with the pressure to build more applications faster?

With Reify, the Low-Code platform based on SmartClient, you can focus on the interesting development work and leave screen building to others.

Reify is simple

Reify is simple to learn and use

  • Build screens inside a standard web browser - no applications need to be installed.
  • Simple enough for non-developers to build individual working screens so you can move the drudge work off of your plate. You can then easily integrate these screens into your SmartClient applications.
  • Tutorials are built into the application, so it is easy to learn to use the tool quickly.

Reify is simple

Say goodbye to static mockups

Avoid the tiresome work of creating screens based on static mockups. Instead, have your product managers, designers, and business analysts build real, functioning screens that are ready to integrate with SmartClient.

The screens will be part of your application creation rather than mockups that are just thrown away.

say goodbye to static mockups
Avoid time-consuming rewrites

Avoid time-consuming rewrites

User testing can start with designers in Reify before the screens go to developers. Problems and changes in the design are caught and fixed before developers are involved.

Users can work with designers in Reify to get the screens they need, so everyone saves time building out applications.

Avoid time-consuming rewrites

Easy integration into SmartClient applications

Reify screens integrate easily into SmartClient applications, and they can be further customized using SmartClient for use cases that go beyond the tool with Hybrid Development.

It’s easy to make changes and enhancements to Reify screens. Screens can be changed in Reify even after being integrated into a more extensive application with custom logic added.

>Easy integration into SmartClient applications
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