Smart GWT Combines the industry's richest set of GWT UI components with a Java server framework to provide an end-to-end solution for building business web applications.


Build high-productivity enterprise applications - for use on any device - with the skills you have today

Java Throughout:
One set of skills

Leverage the full power & tooling of the Java platform both on the server and in the browser. Smart GWT allows you to use standard Java IDEs, so you get step-through debugging, code assist and automated refactoring just like you do for Java server code.

When everyone is speaking the same language, collaboration between UI and server teams is far easier. Developers can move back and forth between teams, focussing on whatever is most important. Even hiring is simplified!

Java Throughout: One set of skills
World's Fastest UI - by a big margin

World's Fastest UI - by a big margin

Applications built with Smart GWT are typically 10x to 30x faster than comparable applications built with any competing technology.

This is because Smart GWT maximizes client-side intelligence, and is able to complete many tasks in the browser, where competing technologies need server help. In this way, Smart GWT applications provide instantaneous responses while also reducing server load, so that the requests that really should involve the server are also much faster.

Even better, these optimizations are automatic - you just build your application in the simplest, most straightforward way, and you get the performance boosts.

For an in-depth, technical explanation of how our architecture results in such a large performance advantage, read our CTO's article on web application optimization.

World's Fastest UI - by a big margin

Mobile Adaptive &
Offline Capable

SmartGWT is the ideal solution for building powerful desktop web apps that also work seamlessly on mobile devices. Our advanced device adaptation technology goes well beyond "responsive design": your application automatically adapts to the user's device, providing an optimal experience without the need for separate mobile development.

Plus, with our support for offline operation and PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), your users can access your app even when network availability is intermittent.

With SmartGWT, you can deliver a first-class user experience on desktop and mobile from a single codebase, using the Java tools & skills you already have.

Mobile Adaptive & Offline Capable


SmartGWT lets you go from a Java data model to an advanced CRUD UI in far fewer steps than is possible with any other technology.

Whether you use JPA, a custom Java object model, or just want to go straight to SQL, SmartGWT can instantly reflect your data model to the client side as a DataSource, which all of SmartGWT's data-aware components know how to use. Given that DataSource, grids, forms, trees, charts, cubes, detail & tiled views can all immediately present a complete UI for viewing, navigating and editing data. 

Then, fine-grained customization APIs allow you to customize the default views - such as adding form-specific validation rules, or adding a calculated field to a grid - without losing the automatic behaviors. It's the ultimate DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) framework!

The result is that a two-line declaration can take you all the way from your storage layer to a full-featured grid, and yet no flexibility is lost. This makes applications built with our technology not only quicker to build, but far easier to change, so you can jump on new opportunities more quickly.


Focused on Enterprise Business Applications

Our platform focuses on enterprise business applications - sophisticated, functionally dense applications meant to be used by people who want to get work done quickly. The productivity features of our UI components are unrivaled, and every part of our platform is designed to handle very large data volumes and to support extremely intricate business logic - logic which must be performed exactly correctly.

Our technology meets all of the difficult requirements of the enterprise space, including ADA compliance, internationalization, brandability, security compliance and the flexibility needed for complex integrations.

It's not just the technology. Organizationally, we have global timezone coverage, as well as the ability to deliver a rigorously tested emergency patch in mere hours.

Reify: Low Code
comes to GWT

Our Reify visual designer allows even non-developers to build sophisticated SmartGWT screens in a collaborative, web-based tool. These screens can be integrated into any standard SmartGWT project, with a simple & elegant model for how Reify-created screens integrate with hand-coded portions of your application.

This means you can get the benefit of Low Code development - an up to 90% productivity boost - in every project. By combining traditional IDE-driven development with visual Low Code design, you can parallelize design and development to an unprecedented degree. Fully interactive Reify-created screens can be tested with end users while the development team works in parallel on the backend and infrastructure.

There is no other GWT technology that offers anything like this. Other visual development tools for GWT are IDE-based, hence inaccessible to anyone but developers. Even if non-developers could use such tools, they are incomparably slower and less effective relative to Reify's lightning fast data-driven design.

Low Code

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