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Smart GWT LGPL Edition (latest nightly)

Your download will begin momentarily. If you experience issues downloading, please disable any download managers and try again. If you continue to experience issues, please contact Isomorphic Support.

Please take a moment to register while your download completes.

Registration is not required for download, but will be needed to post to the forums, and ensures that you are notified of major new releases.We do not share your contact information with any third party.

You are downloading a prerelease, development build.

Please understand the nature of development ("d") builds. It's possible, on any given night, that a single bad commit breaks 20 features in obvious ways. Right before that commit the software may have been stable enough to run banking applications. So:

  • if you are evaluating a development build to try out new features, please understand that it is invalid to judge the quality and stability of the product based on a development build
  • if you are evaluating a series of development builds with the intent of shipping a product on the next release and you find things badly broken, don't panic, simply report the problem in the forums with a standalone test case

Development builds and support

If you have a support contract with Isomorphic, you can get support services for development builds. Bugs in development builds will be treated similarly to bugs in generally released builds, except that:

  1. Issues in development builds must be reproduced by you against the latest development build or the issue is considered invalid. Be sure to proactively mention that you have tested with the latest development build and mention the exact version, otherwise, you will just be asked to re-test with the latest build.
  2. Development builds are always ineligible for the patches or hotfixes included with Enterprise support or better. Fixes are delivered by having them simply appear in the latest build, where it is possible that the fix comes along with unrelated regressions - this is simply the nature of working with bleeding-edge builds.
  3. Development builds are not eligible for issue escalation.

If you are uncomfortable with obtaining fixes by deploying new development builds, either avoid deploying development builds in production environments, or obtain a commitment from Isomorphic indicating that a specific development build is supported for a specific deployment scenario (this service is available as an add-on to standard support packages).