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Dashboards that redefine extensibility
As part of a complete framework for developing web apps, Isomorphic Dashboards handle all the things your users don't know they need yet.
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Developers can spend months or even years building a beautiful dashboard, presenting data precisely to their user's specification. They are then devastated when ‐ on release ‐ their user inevitably asks for something 'completely out of left field' like the ability to "update data from within the dashboard". Their dashboarding framework won't provide that level of extensibility. The re-engineering effort will be huge and ugly.

That is why Isomorphic Dashboards make most sense. Dashboards is built on top of SmartClient: Our complete, mature framework for building web-based applications. It has everything you need to seamlessly make the most demanding user's dashboarding dreams come true. Whether your users ask to update data in place, kick off a workflow, pull data from a legacy website, or anything else, your answer will always be: "We can do that."

The possibilities are limitless, but don't take our word for it. See for yourself with our 60 day full feature free trial.
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Everything a "dashboard product" does, and then some:
Data 'the Way it Has to Be' Put the End-user in the Driver's Seat
Users are demanding. They want data, they want it yesterday and in the 'right' format. Isomorphic Dashboards makes this easy.

Create a library of widgets from our powerful components such as calendars, grids & charts.

Configure widgets using standard functionality (filtering, hiliting, colors, etc.) to deliver data in the most appropiate format.
Construct the desired dashboard by arranging widgets in portal-style or freehand layouts.

Allow end-users to re-arrange, add / remove widgets, re-order data, filter, etc. to create their perfect personalized dashboard.

End-users can then save their dashboards to gain future insights in the fastest, most efficient manner possible.
Get Everyone on the Same Page
Let end-users print, give others direct access to their dashboard, or share as a PDF or excel file.

With nothing lost in translation, the right business decisions will be made faster, success will come easier, and your users will finally say 'Thank you!'.
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