• OLAP CubeGrid

    Visualize multi-dimensional, high volume data in your browser with Smart GWT
    • OLAP functionality in a single component
    • Instant access to multi-dimensional data
    • Slice, dice and pivot to get the insight you need
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  • Pivot Tables / Crosstabs

    Find the answers you need, quickly, with powerful data navigation features
    • Add / remove dimensions and pivot on the fly
    • Drill up and down to analyze / interrogate data
    • Data loaded on-demand for high performance
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  • Charts

    Visualize multi-dimensional, high volume data in your browser with Smart GWT
    • Display pivot table data in sophisticated charts
    • Multi-dimension-aware charts allow pivot, drill up/down
    • Let users change chart types and axis placements on the fly
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  • Cube Exports & Reports

    Analyze, present and share complex data in the optimal format
    • Export data & charts in many formats
    • Exported data reflects pivots, sorts and filters
    • Share filtered and hilited views between users
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  • CubeGrid Connectivity

    Manipulate multi-dimensional, high volume data in your existing OLAP tools
    • Connect CubeGrid APIs to other OLAP technologies
    • Integrate OLAP data sources into your RIAs
    • Create a more powerful interface and experience
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Explore Cube Grid Features

  • OLAP Cube
  • Drill & Pivot
  • Charts
  • Exports & Reports
  • Connectivity
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