• Dynamic Charts & Graphs

    The SmartClient Platform provides interactive, high-performance charts without browser plugins.
    • Area, column, radar & numerous other graph types
    • Update data, position and facets on the fly
    • Export and share PDF reports with grids and charts
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  • Ad-hoc Data Visualization

    Users can reconfigure charts on-the-fly to produce the best visualization.
    • Switch chart type on the fly to explore data
    • Pivot datasets / swap axes, stack and unstack
    • Visualize data without a pre-designed chart
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  • Complex Data Visualization

    Smart GWT provides simple, insightful representations of complex data.
    • Multiple (3+) axis, multi-series charts
    • Visualize up to 4 metrics with bubble & color scales
    • Regression curves, error bars and more
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  • Zoom In and Out

    Get right to the point with the SmartClient Platform.
    • Narrow in on a range of data to view in detail
    • Drag set range boundaries to focus on other areas
    • Intelligent axis labels change as you zoom
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  • Easily Connect to Data

    The SmartClient Platform makes building really hard things simple.
    • Simple to generate a chart from any grid
    • Easily bind to SQL, Hibernate, JPA, REST & WSDL services
    • React to user edits & connect to real-time streaming data
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  • More than Just Charts

    SmartClient provides a platform for building your own interactive visualizations.
    • More than just charts, a complete framework for HTML5 web applications
    • Combine charts with grids, sliders, menus and other advanced widgets
    • Extend charts with drag & drop interactions, custom hovers & more
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SmartClient is the most advanced and complete platform
for building web applications.

Intelligent Data Management
Unprecedented Scalability & Responsiveness

Deep Server Integration
Fast, efficient development and maintenance

Built-in Mobile Adaption
Code once for all devices

UI Component Set
Broadest, deepest set of device aware UI Components

Add any Chart component into your React Application.
(Click any chart to see a live, interactive sample in our showcase)