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Explore Angular Data Grid Components

  • Freeze Columns
  • Grouping
  • Inline Edit
  • Hiliting
  • Drag & Drop
SmartClient provides the most advanced and complete
component set for your Angular application.

Intelligent Data Management
Unprecedented Scalability & Responsiveness

Deep Server Integration
Fast, efficient development and maintenance

Built-in Mobile Adaption
Code once for all devices

UI Component Set
Broadest, deepest set of device aware UI Components

If your data grid can't do all this, it is underpowered
  • Tree behaviors for grouping and drilling down
  • Customizable menus
  • Edit inline with data pickers, value selection and related field search
  • Advanced filtering including relative date searches
  • Multi-level sorting
  • Advanced higlight editor
Add any data grid capability you'll ever need into your Angular Application.
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