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SmartClient Ajax platform now open source under LGPL

Industry-leading platform now available for free, with servers, tools and add-ons to grow into

San Francisco, California, November 7th, 2007 - Isomorphic Software today announced that the SmartClient Ajax platform is being made available, for free, under the open source LGPL license.

The new offering, dubbed SmartClient LGPL, represents the complete set of Ajax visual components and data binding facilities that major software vendors have used for years to deliver SmartClient-based products.

Industrial Grade Open Source

As a closed-source, commercially licensed offering, the technology now available in SmartClient LGPL has served as the foundation of many of the most sophisticated and successful Ajax applications in the world, including products from Informatica, Intuit, and Wily/CA.

Every SmartClient-based application in existence today was created without access to source code. Because SmartClient is designed to insulate developers from the low-level details of Ajax, developers using SmartClient do not need to become familiar with SmartClient source code, receive training in Ajax fundamentals, or troubleshoot cross-browser inconsistencies. Instead, SmartClient LGPL includes the complete set of examples, documentation, diagnostics and tools necessary to build cutting-edge Ajax applications.

"People think of Ajax as a new technology, but in fact, SmartClient is a 7 year old product with a long history of success in the real world." said Charles Kendrick, CTO of Isomorphic Software. "At this point, we are seeing novice developers at mom-and-pop businesses succeeding with SmartClient, at the same time as software vendors use SmartClient to push the envelope of what is possible in an Ajax application."

More to Offer

SmartClient LGPL includes the typical set of Ajax UI components that are now available from several vendors, but goes beyond the standard offering with support for very large datasets, metadata management, advanced skinning and branding, WSDL/SOA binding, and many other features that have now been detailed at

Extensions to SmartClient LGPL, including the SmartClient Java Server, the SmartClient Visual Builder tool, and several industry-specific optional modules, continue to be available for purchase.

"We had a lot of prospects saying: do I go with the superior technology or do I go with open source? We decided to remove the quandary." said Alex Shvedoff, co-founder of Isomorphic Software. "Using SmartClient LGPL is a no-brainer, and the question now becomes whether to leverage our server products, tools and services for an even bigger boost."

About Isomorphic Software

Isomorphic Software is the company making Ajax technology a reality for enterprises and software vendors. SmartClient takes Ajax beyond simple components, delivering a broad, customizable, extensible Ajax platform that supports the full software lifecycle with design-time tools, powerful diagnostics in production, and everything in between.

More information is available at

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